[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left] The academic program of North Love Baptist Bible College is centered upon the Lord Jesus Christ. The interpretation of God’s Word is conducted in the light of a literal-historical-grammatical methodology. The application of the interpretation is by the inculcation of its precepts into the life and work of individual students preparing for service in a local New Testament church. The Bible is always THE major field of study, and all courses are saturated with doctrine and practice solely derived from God’s Word.

We hold to a visible, local church which is the body of Christ, has real existence as an organization, and executes action as a corporate being. We recognize, that in order to ignite fervor, zeal, and loyalty for the ministry of a local NT church, there is the necessity for any individual or ministry (Mission Board, Radio or TV evangelism, Christian Camp, Bible College, Bible Book Store, etc.) to operate under the auspices of a local New Testament church ministry. Therefore, at North Love Baptist Bible College (NLBBC), dorm students, while enrolled in NLBBC, are required to move their membership to North Love Baptist Church.

We teach the following Baptist distinctives:
Bible is the only rule for faith and practice
Autonomous church government
Priesthood of all believers
Two offices – pastor (elder, shepherd) and deacons
Individual soul liberty
Saved and immersed church membership
Two ordinances of the local New Testament church – Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper
Separation – of church and state both ethically and ecclesiastically.

We do not accept the philosophy, position, or practice of the National Council of Churches in America, or the World Council of Churches. Furthermore, we are opposed to Liberalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, New Evangelicalism, Calvinism, Reformed or Covenant Theology in Doctrine or Practice, and those who espouse the doctrines and tenants of the Charismatic Movement. NLBBC will not cooperate with any organization or movement which is connected with apostasy, or which either denigrates or minimizes the authority of the Word of God. The goal of North Love Baptist Bible College is to elicit from our students, a definitive position and demonstrable practice, on these and any other issues which might result in a negative impact on their service in the local church NT church.

North Love Baptist Church uses, in all its pulpits and ministries, only the Authorized Version (KJB) in English, the Textus Receptus in Greek, and the Hebrew Masoretic Text.