Letter From The President

Dear Students,

The rules of North Love Baptist Bible College (NLBBC) are misunderstood more than any other facet of the College’s program. But, there are few things you will receive here which are of more importance. Without the rules, NLBBC would cease to be a Christian school. It would not be the type of place a godly Christian would want to attend. We have seen firsthand that students are both joyful and secure when they know what is expected of them, and realize that they are in a school where rules are made to be kept, and not bent or broken.

A well-disciplined life will be an effective and productive life; and, that which is presented in the NLBBC handbook is not designed to make life unpleasant, but is given in your best interest, and with a genuine concern on the part of the College Faculty and Staff for the development of your spiritual character and Christian testimony.

If it is your desire to be a servant of God, “throughly furnished unto all good works,” I am certain the discipline of NLBBC will not be resented, although you may not understand, at first, the reasons behind some of the rules. Instead of writing off these rules as being unnecessary or foolish, you will need the maturity to realize that there is a reason behind each of them, and any time you would like an explanation of any rule, you will find the Administration willing to discuss the matter fully

You are in the preparatory stages of a lifelong commitment to gather knowledge, and to learn how to “finish the job‚” is the very least that is expected of you. The greatest ability you will develop is that of being dependable: Dependable on the job, dependable in the classroom, dependable in your spiritual activities. By the way, “All ground,” Dr. Bob Jones Sr. used to say, “is holy ground,” there being no difference between the secular and the sacred for the Christian. What you do is just as important as when you do it, and the way you do it – and at North Love Baptist Bible College, we seek the Biblical way in all things.

You have not been accepted at North Love Baptist Bible College in order for you to be successful, as the world counts success. Here you need to be determined to do your best, and trust God for the results. A Student Handbook will be available to each student online by clicking here. Students are required to read the NLBBC Handbook once each semester.

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