Our Primary Goal Is To Take Students From Where They Are To As Far As They Can Go!

  • A high school diploma or GED is not a requirement for admission to the school
  • The course of instruction is designed to equip the student to
  1. Discern the will of God for his life
  2. Develop a biblically based apologetic for his faith
  3. Depend upon God for his supply
  • The student body may include those preparing for the ministry or mission field

Our Principle Focus is on the graduates of the Reformers Unanimous Discipleship Home, and those sponsored from local New Testament churches having an RU chapter, as well as laymen from the North Love Baptist Church, and churches of like faith and practice.

Our Presuppositions:

  1. Entrance examinations are for assessment of a level of academic achievement, but will not necessarily be used as qualifiers for acceptance to NLBBC
  2. The programs at NLBBC utilize a two-tier grading system: For Associates, Bachelors, or Masters Degree Programs, grades are recorded as A-F, and for the Certificate Programs P-F
  3. Preference in recruiting will be given to the members of NLBC, NLBC RU Chapter attendees, graduates of the Discipleship homes, and students from churches with an RU chapter
  4. All freshman students will all be admitted to the AA or BA programs. This levels the playing field, and affords each student the opportunity to attempt college level studies
  5. Students in the AA, BA, or Certification academic tracks will be taught the core courses together.
  6. An inability to successfully complete a freshman course is not immediate cause for assignment to a Certificate program

Academic Degrees Programs
1. AA in Bible
2. BA in Bible
3. MA Biblical Studies
4. PhD Biblical Theology

Philosphy of Student Life

Christ-Centered in Life: The desire is that the spiritual climate at North Love Baptist Bible College [NLBBC] be Christ-centered, thus enabling each student to achieve his God-given, Holy Spirit driven goals. Biblical principles of life and Christian service must be the priority if students are to successfully minister in the local NT church. Therefore, each student needs to exercise his spiritual gifts [Rom 12:6-8] so as to produce those characters of the Fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5:22-23] which evidence the Christ-like nature they need to exhibit.

Bible-Centered in Action: The Bible is the only point of reference for the assessment of information, instructions, and conduct, both in and out of the classroom. NLBBC desires students to understand that finding an answer in God’s Word is the only solution for seeking direction, avoiding and conquering temptation, and handling the pressures of life. As their knowledge of Scripture increases, students should experience, and give evidence of, the power of God in their daily lives.

Local New Testament Church Centered in Outreach: North Love Baptist Bible College offers numerous opportunities for development of Christian leadership. Each week, students are under the preaching and direction of our pastors, and our local NT Church staff. While at NLBBC, students are required to participate weekly in a variety of local church ministries.